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Men’s boulder, a scorching qualifier

16 July 2010 Redazione Arco2011.it

During the scorching men’s bouldering qualifier it’s Rustam Gelmanov who is… the coolest. The Russian confirmed, with 3 tops in 3 attempts even in this red-hot Climbing Stadium, why he is considered one of the strongest in the world. Right behind him (4 attempts more for a zone) there’s  the incredible Swissman Cedric Lachat who once again demonstrated his amazing explosive form. Provisional third place, with three tops, goes to Francois Kaiser from France, the real revelation of Friday’s start. With three tops but separated by a different number of attempts are Lukas Ennemoser (AUT), Victor Kozlov (RUS), Alexey Rubtsov (RUS) and Mykhaylo Shalagin (UKR).

The “pelaton” of athletes is commanded (in provisional 8th) by Kilian Fischhuber – this is a somewhat of an unusual position for the Austrian super champion, but it has to be said that this is only the very beginning. And it has to underlined that he’s in good company, followed by the likes of Tsukuru Hori (JPN), Klemen Becan (SLO) and Gabriele Moroni from Italy.

And unfortunately the Italian champion Christian Core knows this all too well, since his 21st place means that his the first to be exluded. The other Italians didn’t a fare much better: Michele Caminati (24°), Stefano Ghisolfi (29°), Nicolò Ceria (30°) and Jacopo Larcher (31). Nor did the Russian champion Dmitry Sharafutdinov. What is certain is that today the athletes confronted a sort of mission impossible, as the battle was not only against the boulder problems but also against the truly tropical temperatures.

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