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Men’s Bouldering Final: Cédric Lachat rules!

18 July 2010 Redazione Arco2011.it

FMB013When the boulders get tough, the tough get going! And Cédric Lachat proved to be a true champion in this extremely difficult final. Determination and incredible power were needed today, and the Swissman certainly gave it all he had, like a real fighter. After the tour du force of these 3 days, which say him qualify and compete in both the Bouldering and Lead disciplines, this morning Lachat produced a miracle, winning the Rock Master Boulder 2010 with two tops. He was followed in second place, with just one top, byt he extremely strong Russian Rustam Gelmanov. Third place, with one top but two more attempts, went to Tsukuru Hori from Japan, another one of those athletes who arrived in Arco in splendid form.

Lachat, the man who never gives up, won by topping out on #2 in 5 attempts and clinching #4 in 4 attempts. Those two problems, like the others, were beautiful, difficult and… impossible. In some respects a paradigm of the bouldering game, where what is fascinating is the fact that these seem to be riddles without solutions. All of the finalist gave it all they had to solve these “mysteries”. And the crowd never stopped supporting them and never ceased to be amazed by the inventions and their efforts. Today the athletes pulled out all the tricks possible and imaginable from the bouldering hat.

All athletes were amazing this morning. Lachat for the determination which drives him to his physical limit, and beyond it! Rustam Gelmanov for his power and certain incredible moves. Tsukuru Hori for his intensity. Frenchamn Francois Kaiser for his age (a mere 17) and the regularity and power which resulted in his top on #2 in 5 attempts, which netted him 4th overall. Kilian Fischhuber and Klemen Becan were just as impressive and applauded just as much. The Austrian finished 5th, while the Slovenian placed 6th – he too failed to top out but his horizontal position on #3 was nothing short of incredible. Kilian repeatedly got to a hair’s breadth from the top but every time this eluded him… But this is what bouldering is about. But above all, this was the day of incredible and unreachable Cédric Lachat!

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by Vinicio Stefanello, translation Nicholas Hobley