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Live Climbing World Championship. Arco Day 10

24 July 2011 Redazione Arco2011.it

Ondra and Chereshneva win Duel and special Rock Master 2011. Lead World Champions: Ramón Julian Puigblanque and Angela Eiter
Zhong & Krasavina Speed World Champions.


LIVE 24/07/2011

18.20 – Online the Rock Master Gran Galà – Duel report, the photos and videos

16.41 – Adam Ondra and Yana Chereshneva win the Duel and the special Rock Master 2011!

16.40 – Men’s Final: Thomas Tauporn vs Adam Ondra. Adam Ondra wins the Rock Master 2011

16.37 – Men’s “Small final”: Manuel Romain vs Jakob Schubert.  Jakob Schubert wins

16.33 – Men’s Semifinal 2: Jakob Schubert vs Adam Ondra. Adam Ondrawins

16.31 – Men’s Semifinal 1: Thomas Tauporn vs Manuel Romain: Thomas Tauporn wins

16.25 – Yana Chereshneva makes the climb of her life ans wins this special Rock Master 2011 by beating Johanna Ernst

16.20 - Women’s “Small final”: Sasha DiGiulian vs Mina Markovic. DiGiulian wins after Markovic falls

16.12: Women’s Semifinal  2: Yana Chereshneva vs Mina Markovic. Yana Chereshneva wins. The final will be fought out by Johanna Ernst and Yana Chereshneva.

16.09 – Women’s Semifinal 1: Sasha DiGiulian vs Johanna Ernst. Johanna Ernst wins

16.03 – Adam Ondra vs Cédric Lachat:  Adam Ondra wins. The following qualify for the Men’s Semis: Thomas Tauporn, Manuel Romain, Jakob Schubert and Adam Ondra after his immense duel against Lachat.

15.59 – Jakob Schubert vs Sachi Amma: Jakob Schubert wins

15.57 – Magnus Midtboe vs Manuel Romain: Manuel Romain wins

15.54 – Ramón Julian Puigblanque vs Thomas Tauporn: Thomas Tauporn wins

15.52 – The following qualify for the Women’s Semis: Sasha DiGiulian, Johanna Ernst, Yana Chereshneva, Mina Markovic

15.51 – Magdalena Röck vs Mina Markovic: Mina Markovic wins

15.47 – Jain Kim vs Yana Chereshneva: Yana Chereshneva wins

15.44 – Johanna Ernst vs Katharina Posch:  Johanna Ernst wins

15.42 – 1/4 finals: Angela Eiter vs Sasha DiGiulian:  Sasha DiGiulian wins

15.32 – The following qualify: Puigblanque, Tauporn, Midtboe, Romain, Schubert, Amma, Ondra, Lachat

15.19 – At present the men are competing with the following duels:
Ramón Julian Puigblanque vs Gauthier Supper
Evgeny Zazulin vs Thomas Tauporn
Magnus Midtboe vs Sean McColl
Manuel Romain vs Mikhail Chernikov
Jakob Schubert vs Jorg Verhoeven
Evgeny Ovchinnikov vs Sachi Amma
Adam Ondra vs Romain Desgranges
Hyunbin Min vs Cédric Lachat

15.11 – Those  who qualify for the next round are: Eiter, DiGiulian, Ernst, Posch, Kim, Chereshneva, Röck, Markovic winning the following duels:
Angela Eiter vs Seuran Han
Sasha DiGiulian vs  Alexandra Eyer
Johanna Ernst vs Jenny Lavarda
Katharina Posch vs Yuka Kobayashi
Jain Kim contro vs Ciavaldini
Christine Schranz  vs  Yana Chereshneva
Magdalena Röck vs Charlotte Durif
Mina Markovic vs Maja Vidmar

14.30 – Day 10. The final act of this World Championship. The best 16 Lead men and women challenge each other on two identical and parralel route. This race combines difficulty and speed to create an explosive mix.