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Combined report

Team Russia © Anna Piunova

Team Russia © Anna Piunova

The special World Championship Combined result – which takes into consideration
Boulder, Lead and Speed – was won by Adam Ondra (Cze) and Sasha DiGiulian (USA). Russia won the National Team Ranking.

Adam Ondra has won the Combined ranking, the special raking which unites Boulder, Lead and Speed. In truth this title comes as no surprise after Ondra’s superb second place in the Boulder event and his fantastic third place in last night’s Lead. In the third discipline, Speed, Ondra finished last but his dominion in the first two was such that he won the title with 145 points, well clear of Tomas Tauporn from Germany who finished with 84 points. The revelation of this World Championship won silve thanks to 6th place in Boulder, 9th in Lead and 43rd in Speed, while Swissman Cédric Lachat (Boulder 5, Lead 11, Speed 53) won bronze a mere two points behind the German. As can be gathered from this list, those with the greatest chance of victory are those who do well above akk in Boulder and Lead.

in the women’s event the title went to astounding Sasha DiGiulian. The American began collecting points by placing 2nd in the Boulder, then took command by qualifying fo the Lead final and finishing 8th, before sealing victory by placing 52nd in the Speed event with a total of 120 points. Anna Stöhr from Austria won silver with 102 points (1 Boulder, 29 Lead, 41 Speed), while Mina Markovic from Slovenia won bronze thanks to her 1th place in Boulder, 6th in Lead and 49th in Speed.

The Lead National team ranking was dominated clearly by Austria with 406 points, followed by France (177 points) and the Russian Federation (162 points). The National Boulder ranking was dominated unsurprisingly by the Russian Federation with 291 points, ahead of Austra (184 points) and the U.S.A. (164 points). Speed held no surprises in store: the Russian Federation won with 540 points, Poland got silver with 207 points while China won bronze with 171 points. This meant that the Overall National Team Ranking was won by the Russian Federation with 291 points, ahead of the U.S.A. (167 points) and Slovenia (164 points). Italy placed 14th overall, after placing 10th in the Boulder event, 14th in Lead and 10th in Speed.

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Combined Ranking