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Sergey Sinitsyn, Ksenia Aleksseva and Evgeni Vaitcekhovskii and the World Champions of Team Sped. The extremely strong Russia 2 trio beat the battle-trained Ukraine 1 team in the final, stopping the clock at 25”80, 1”04 ahead of the Ukrainians.

In the Semifinal Russia 2 beat the Chinese squad compried of Yuhang Zhang, Cuilian He and Qixin Zhong who threw away their chance of victory with a fall. Ukraine 1 beet Russia 1 by the smallest of margins: 24”97 vs 25”39.

In an extremely tense final for 3rd and 4th place, Russia 1 beat the Chinese team clocking in 25”42 compared to 26”13. 5th place went to the second Ukrainian team. Italy 1 placed sixth thanks to Leonardo Gontero, Sara Morandi, Gianluca Sirotti, while Italy 2 placed 7th with Stefano Ghisolfi, Michela Facci and Michel Sirotti.

This is the first time ever that medals have been assigned at a World Championship for Mixed Team Speed, after the demonstration event in Qinghai (China) in 2009.

Final results
1. Sergey Sinitsyn, Ksenia Aleksseva, Evgeni Vaitcekhovskii (Russia 2)
2. Danylo Boldyrev, Anastasiya Savisko, Yaroslav Gontaryk (Ukraine 1)
3. Stanislay Kokorin, Natalia Titova, Sergey Abdrakhmanov (Russia 1)
4. Yuhang Zhang, Cuilian He, Qixin Zhong (Cina)
5. Oleksiy Yurko, Oleksandra Bud Gusaim, Maksym Styenkovyy (Ukraine 2)
6. Leonardo Gontero, Sara Morandi, Gianluca Sirotti (Italy 1)
7. Stefano Ghisolfi, Michela Facci, Michel Sirotti (Italy 2)

report by Vinicio Stefanello / planetmountain.com

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