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The new Climbing Stadium

Arco is getting ready to host the world’s biggest climbing competition with a completely revamped Climbing Stadium.
The centerpiece will be the legendary Rock Master artificial wall, with two transparent hubs which protect the large overhangs which will host the Lead competitions.
The Speed Climbing competition will take place on the certified vertical piste located between the two Lead walls.

number of walls:
2, width 5 m and 6 m.
height: 18.00 m
overhang: 14.00 m
route length: up to 22 m
number of simultaneous routes: 6
conforms to EN 12572-1 – certified FASI and IFSC
one wall has two identical profiles for the Duel contest
notes: the roof will be augmented with a transparent pvc “wing” to guarantee competitions can be carried out even in the rain. The upper section of the wall will be restructured with the addition of new profiles.

number of pistes: 2
width: 3 +3 m
height: 15 m
conforms to EN 12572-1 – certified FASI and IFSC for the world speed record

The Climbing Stadium will be completed with a new Bouldering wall.
Five boulders placed next to each other, 3 m wide and 4.5 m high
The boulders will be placed 1.2 m above ground level and installed beneath a wing which will protect the boulders and the entire surface of the safety mats, enabling the competitions to take place even in poor weather.

A wall specifically designed for the Team Speed competitions will be designed.
Four parallel lines, each 3 m wide and overhanging 5°,  reach 15.00 m in height.
A new timekeeping system will be used to enable relay timekeeping.

The entire Climbing Stadium infrastructure will be renovated, with the entrance being relocated to the path and cycle path along the River Sarca and the addition of a new building with changing rooms for the athletes, toilets for both spectators and athletes, a First Aid room and changing room and area for the judges.
Maxi screens placed next to the walls will broadcast the athletes close-up and provide updated results.
Thanks to the Arco Comprehensive School an isolation area will be erected for the athletes in the school building next to the Climbing Stadium with a 70m2 warm-up wall which will remain for school use after the World Championship.
The new buildings will be completed at the start of spring 2011, but a part of the new infrastructure – the new bouldering wall, the athlete’s warm-up area and the Team Speed wall – will be ready and put to the test at the Rock Master pre-World Championship event 2010.