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World Championship ParaClimbing Lead

ParaClimbing @ Giulio Malfer

ParaClimbing @ Giulio Malfer

Arco, second and final day of the Paraclimbing World Championship. Yesterday we’d mentioned that the atmosphere had been special. Today proved no different and the Climbing Stadium experienced moments which will be difficult to forget. Emotions which the legendary Rock Master stadium had never experienced before. The time had finally come for the World Championship Lead and yesterday’s spectacle continued just where it had left off. It proved to be a great show. Just as great as the (initial) amazement and (subsequent) intense participation of the crowd. A fantastic crowd which honoured the super ParaClimbing athletes and their strength. And in amongst the crowd it was great to see the likes of Patxi Usobiaga, Natalija Gros, Anna Stöhr, Gabriele Moroni, Cristian Brenna and other champions cheer on their ParaClimbing colleagues.

The Lead title was battled out on 4 different routes: two on the central wall and two through the overhanging tower on the right. No route was simple. On the contrary. But regardless of the difficulty and the different valour of each athlete, what was striking was the global experience. For example, one of the most beautiful aspects of the ParaClimbing event was how nail-biting each athlete’s climb was, no one excluded. At times one couldn’t even understand how they managed to progress upwards. While other times their performances proved to be an illumination.

I’d never seen, for example, an athlete stroke and “find” the holds like the champion climbers competing in the “visual” category. It was as if their hands had been incorporated with a radar. And seeing how well they managed to put to use what they had learnt on the route this morning, their memory is simply unbelievable. And up through the overhangs we witnessed things we thought impossible. Such as the climb by German Sebastian Richter. And there are many more which deserve a mention.

These include, of course, all the athletes who won in their respective categories to become ParaClimbing Lead World Champion: Matteo Stefani from Italy; Sebastian Richter from Germany; the Russians Mikhail Saparov, Dilyara Rakhmanknlova, Tatiana Panova;  the Japanese Mineo Ono and Koichiro Kobayashi; the Spaniards Paula De La Calle and Ricardo Pérez Amado; Boyu Xia from China; András Szijártó from Hungary and Valentyna Kurshakova from the Ukraine. Our salute and thanks goes to these champions and all athlete, for the show and emotions they provided during these two days of the first IFSC ParaClimbing World Championship.

report by Vinicio Stefanello / planetmountain.com

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